Export Services

       LSI has the experience and expertise to make your international transactions and                     paperwork hassle-free!.

       LSI handles all your documentation needs, from the simplest open account shipment            to more complex Letters of Credit.

                                                     LETTERS OF CREDIT AND BANKING:

      The expert staff of LSI are professionally trained to handle all facets of Letter pf Credit.        We will prepare the necessary documentation required under the Letter of Credit to            make these transactionsas simple as possible for our clients. Our staff can handle your         L/C either with or independent of (i.e. consignee designated forwarder) LSI, to allow               you the shipper, to maintain control of your banking at all times.

                                                SPECIALIZED DOCUMENTS:

      Dealing with international trade can involve different documentation re-quirements               from country. These requirements are changed and modified frequently. Our resource         materials are constantly revised and up-dated to keep consular docu-mantation,                    carnet  handling, SGS inspection, etc.

                                              HAZMAT CERTIFIED:

      At LSI our staff is experienced and certified to ship  Dangerous Good Materials to                      comply with all D.O.T. regulations.

                                             SPECIALIZED HANDLING:

      LSI caters to all your unique cargo-related requirements, from refrigeration to oversize           loads. LSI customizes its handling to meet all your exponting demands.

                                            COMPETITIVE INSURANCE COVERAGE:

      LSI holds an open cargo policy to secure our clients the maximum savings an their                    international shipments, one more way that LSI manages to drive down overall   costs.