“If you have any logistics needs for any of your projects, I would give LSID a call. These guys take their work seriously and do what a Freight Forwarder should do. They are not shy about taking on the responsibility of verifying, down to the bolt, that everything is accounted for and then some. I am not kidding; they counted bolts. LSID caught a mistake on the plate washer sizes I was shipping out and coordinated with the fabricator to get them replaced. They made sure the project was good to go on the front end and that made the rest of the shipment operate smoothly. The client was very pleased. I wish I had used LSID when I first shipped internationally. I would have know what standards to enforce. These guys have set the bar for all other freight forwarders. “
A major refinery equipment manufacturer
Costumer of LSID
"The crews are extremely happy with your company, your employees knowledge of all the terminals, as well as their personalities and promptness has been above satisfactory. Cost is a major factor, but reliability and confidence in a company really goes a long way to determine our choice."
A major customer of LSID International
Costumer of LSID