Steel Industry Division

We are affilated with the only company in the South that handles direct discharge, cut to length operations, terminal and rail operations, and local and over the road trucking in the steel industry here in Houston, Texas.

Services Offered:

1)Cut lenght operations: 2 leveling lines that can level and cut 16g through 1\2 x 96 plate. The leveling lines are located at the Port of Houstonturning basin with access to barge, ship, rail, and truck. The leveling lines are kept in a 48,000 sq ft warehouse that features 2 overheadcranes, 2 truck bays and myriad of supplies to handle up to 65,000 lbs coils lengths up to 65 ft. We have 3 forklifts that can handle over 55,000 lbs each.

2)Steel terminal operations: Located on approx 50 acres split between the Port of Houston turning basin and Greensport Terminals. In addition to yhe 48,000 sq ft warehouse at the Turning Basin we have 80,000 sq ft under roof at Greensport. Both locations are served by ship, rail, barge, and truck. We have a 20 car rail spur at Greensport and a 12 car rail spur at the Port of Houston. Steel beams, coils, plate, square tubing, channels, and pipe are a few of the items we are able to handle and store. We can trip and stuff containers, cut mill plate, cut, level, and recondition pipe and package any steel products to our customer specifications.

3)Trucking operations:For this division we own 25 trucks and approx 65 trailers. We also leased when necessary. Our main focus is to catch direct discharge from rail,ship, or barge and redeliver to local customers generally within a 30 mile radius of the Port of Houston. We are contracted to deliver cut plate to opur customers and our customer's customers. We work seven days a week to catch vessels from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

4)Internal Controls: We are renowned for our internal controls and delivery reconciliation. We have a motor home that we take to the various docks and set up a mobile office. This allows us to imput packing lists and shiping documentation into our network and access the information in real time from a laptop computer  to avoid mistakes that might occur right at the vessel. Once the material is received in our yards a receiving report is generated and each transaction is monitored by a staff of 4 inventory specialists. Each transaction is then either faxed or emailed to the customer the following day. At the end of the month a report is generated to each customer on what material is still in               the  yards or warehouses.