We understand this is an industry that does not sleep. We provide 24/7 Inventory Reporting as a benefit for our customers to help everyone succeed.

LSID provides services designed for customers who need top quality coverage of local/regional, domestic, or international markets.
We are conveniently located for quick access to the Port of Houston.
Companies make vital decisions and their profits rise or fall based on their data accuracy.

It may not be easy to maintain your inventory because of the activities involved and the vast amount of data that needs to be sorted. Yet, significant rewards can be reaped when inventory is appropriately managed. LSID provides our clients with morning, noon, and night inventory reporting services. Our customers are in a better position to identify and respond, as necessary.


Our Round the Clock Inventory Reporting provides relevant, accurate, timely, and understandable information. This helps managers understand and predict the pattern, timing, and flow of movement. With the right information, our customers make better decisions about their timetables, warehousing needs, and more. Our non-stop inventory reporting can help customers reduce costs, increase revenue, and continue improving.

What Sets LSID Apart

What Sets LSID Apart

One of the key strengths of our Round the Clock Inventory Reporting is the emphasis on usability and integration. The accurate inventory is presented in an easy to understand format. We can customize reporting to your requirements to help your company thrive.

At LSID, our customers also experience round the clock customer service access. This feature accommodates our customers, allowing them to contact a customer service representative any time the need arises, resulting in less frustration and even minimizing disruptions.

Whether it is day and night inventory reporting, pick and pack or order fulfillment, we have got you covered with personalized solutions. We integrate our systems with yours to provide the details you need anytime and anywhere. Contact us today to learn more about secure cargo management, reliable inventory, and distribution services.