At LSID, we help our customers safely and securely transport their products through the entire supply chain. We help products in arriving at their destination without any damage. LSID has products and services to offer you the best possible solution for your goods along their journey. We have transportation availability whether by truck, ship, airplane, or any combination.

Product Packaging

With over 40 years of experience Lone Star Integrated Distribution knows how to protect cargo in transit. A product must be designed to minimize in-transit damage and be contained within a series of more extensive “packages” to secondary packaging such as cases and pallets. Each container has specific space available and potential for damage, as it moves or stops along the way.

A products’ packaging changes its form and functions through the miles to arrive safely at its final destination.

Packaging Products We Offer Include:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Plywood boxes
  • Wooden crates

Lone Star Integrated Distribution helps you maintain the product’s integrity each mile of the way as it navigates through a complex distribution system to its destination. Count on our experience and expertise to provide the protection your goods need. The right packaging can protect your product from many hazards encountered through the miles. Improper packaging can result in damage. Too much packaging can result in extra expenses and increased material costs. Contact us and let us help you get your products delivered on-time and intact.