What Is Transloading?

Transloading is a combination method of transportation. It helps the goods reach the destination quickly and efficiently. Customers choose transloading when it is not feasible to transport cargo to its destination with one transportation method. Transporting can be used for many different products and goods, including food and beverage products, metals, paper, lumber, and building materials.

When cargo is shipped by rail, transloading is typically the best solution when there is no direct access to rail.

If you are looking for warehousing and storage, a food warehouse, or indoor storage for your global freight, we have you covered. We manage your pallet cargo, export goods, and international freight with transloading to provide an effective supply chain solution.

Lone Star Integrated Distribution will pick up your cargo, bring it back to our warehouse and safely transfer the goods. Your products can be efficiently delivered to many locations on-time. Transloading is possibly one of the most critical steps to take between the port and the destination. This crucial supply chain solution can provide a huge benefit of operations and save shippers time, money, and reduce stress.

We carefully provide intermodal services, cross docking services, food export and handle your shipments to ensure safe and prompt delivery. Count on us for peace of mind and customized supply chain solutions. Transloading provides more cost-effective transportation alternatives. We strategically plan the distribution route with the flexibility you need.




  • Avoiding Equipment Storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Enhance Import and Export Trade
  • FCL Shipping
  • Flexibility
  • Lower Transportation Costs
  • Ocean Container Weight Maximization
  • On-time Delivery of Good
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Warehousing Distribution Services

We have a proven track record of reliability and safety in container drayage, transloading, and trucking.