We Have Your Warehousing Solutions

With a plethora of warehouse space, some of the solutions we provide include dry storage, food grade, indoor storage, and retail storage. You can count on us to provide flexible warehousing to accommodate your warehousing and distribution needs.

Facts About Our Warehouse

  • 24/7 security and closed-circuit cameras
  • 40 load and receiving truck dock doors
  • 60 trailer and chassis parking spaces
  • Fire system with sprinklers
  • Multi-tenant space
  • Warehouse Space: Over 250,000 square feet of enclosed freight space



  • Commercial Warehouse
  • Fulfillment Warehousing
  • International Warehouse
  • Shipping Warehouse
  • Short Term and Long-Term Storage
  • Food Grade Warehouse
  • Short Term Storage
  • Supply Chain Warehouse
  • Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse provides facilities and services to help accommodate your mile by mile to the destination. Our prime location makes receiving, dispatching, loading, and unloading of cargo smoother. We utilize top-notch equipment and cutting-edge technology to handle goods and communicate details. Whether your shipments arrive by rail or ship, LSID has the experience and resources to take care of your cargo from its arrival to the destination. We tailor our customized warehousing solutions to your specific needs.